Analyze your data

SoundID is a powerful automatic content recognition (ACR) platform specially designed for broadcast monitoring.

It enables broadcasters and content providers to log and monitor any number of audio streams (radio, TV,…) from any input and any format. SoundID offers an advanced automatic sound identification solution combined with a robust set of features, e.g. allowing to find recurring sequences in linear broadcasts.

The SoundID solution contains an outstanding report generator fit to create any report by any criteria and filter.

SoundID also provides additional audio recognition services such as discovering new sounds (for automatic database enhancement and marketing support) and focuses on broadcast confirmation, playlist consolidation and copyright protection.

Principal element of the solution: the IDLibrary

The IDLibrary stores, indexes and manages unique fingerprints (signatures) of known audio content. The signatures are generated from your sounds and are associated with the unique sound metadata inside this central database.

A combination of smart Engines

ID Live

For recognizing known content in the recorded stream.

This module detects known content in a broadcast stream by comparing the live signature generated out of it with all signatures stored in the IDLibrary.

Speech/Music split

For demarcation of musical periods from those spoken.

This engine allows to detect and tag music OR speech samples in a broadcast stream with time stamping. It helps to identify the exact proportion of music versus speech in a stream.

Duplicates finder

For demarcation of musical periods from those spoken.

It searches for repeated content in one or more sources over an extended period of time to detect new content like ads, songs, jingles, interviews or any other audio sequence.

BPM calc

For beats per minutes analysis.

It analyzes the audio streams to detect and output a BPM (beats per minute) overview of the musical parts of the stream.

SoundID, an end-to-end audio analysis solution