DigiPlan is an extremely sophisticated traffic management software developed by OPNS, proud of 25+ years of experience in the field of broadcast scheduling.

In a multi-user environment you schedule advertising campaigns while customizing a wide range of criteria, organizing them by break or slices, or even as a sponsor or a promoter.

Bookings can be associated with a single transmitter, or several ones, if not all the transmitters of your station.

At all times, DigiPlan avoids any problems of competition between the commercials placed inside a break, and manages the rotations of the spots within the same campaign.

You will be able to save a large amount of time and enhance your radio programs thanks to a unique process that fills in the breaks automatically to the required length according to your specific criteria.

The package is scalable and fits the needs of stand-alone stations as well as large radio networks with multiple stations.

Plan advertisement campaigns & schedule broadcast


Sales packaging management capabilities


Sales data encoding

  • customers contracts
  • purchase orders details
  • campaigns description & criteria


Campaign criteria encoding

  • competition sectors
  • number of broadcasts with maximum by day
  • one or multiple sounds with rotations
  • priorities


Campaign scheduling

  • time & day ranges for broadcast
  • preferred positioning in ad breaks
  • minimum gap between two occurrences


Different booking modes

Time range of a day to be selected among those customizable in the software. Ability to change the behavior on the first and last days.

Potentially different time slot depending on the day of the week.

Off-screen elements at defined fixed times (customizable in the software).

Break choice:
Manual positioning day by day, screen by screen.

Automation for booking & post-booking


The Ad Server

Daily injections of priority campaign data.

An automatic tool taking care of the daily campaign data injections from advertising agencies. Generally considered as a priority, these ads take place first in the broadcast schedule according to the given criteria.


The Post-Booking Server

Booking of secondary campaigns.

It offers the possibility to book day-to-day campaigns of a “stand-by” type. These campaigns of lesser importance get added in a second step after high-priority advertising campaigns were placed either manually or via the Ad Server.

Optimized automatic daily routines



Automatic reorganization to optimize the schedule before filling.

Automatic reorganization and optimization of the schedule (by moving spots between the breaks before filling) respecting all criteria: competition, floating and break choice, minimum gap, positions,…

Options: closing a maximum number of screens, balancing of initial durations, filling of mandatory breaks,…



Automatic addition of sounds to the local transmitters breaks, to obtain the adequate length.

Automatic addition of sounds to the local transmitters’ breaks in order to obtain the adequate length.Sounds used are of different types: free advertisings, promotions, sponsorships, jingles, fillers,…

All predefined rules are followed during this process: number of daily broadcasts, authorized times, rotations, priorities, gaps between two broadcasts, required position…



Addition of jingles to the start/the end of the breaks to mark advertisements periods acoustically.

Automatic addition of small « intro » or « extro » sounds (jingles or signals) to the start or to the end of the breaks of the schedule, according to some defined criteria.

The purpose of this process is an acoustic marking of the advertising periods once on air.

Main interfaces

  • Customers, purchase orders & campaigns data management
  • Global sound database browser: ads, promotions, fillers, signals…
  • Granular parameterization of each transmitter
  • Management of the schedule grids for each transmitter
  • Browsing and organization of competition sectors, as well as advertisers, brands, and products associated with the various campaigns
  • Customization of time slots, slices, sponsorships and signal types
  • Parameterization for the usage of the promotions and the fillers
  • Pre-filling, filling & post-filling
  • Comprehensive manual edition of the generated schedules
  • Creation, generation and export of the schedules of each transmitter
  • In-depth setting of needed output formats to fit the needs of automation software (CastLan or others)
  • Creation of campaign planning confirmation certificates
  • Multiple analysis & statistical reports
  • Import tools, sound files archiving, database cleanup process…

A solution ready for integration

We offer web services, an open SQL database & custom output formats to ease integration for development teams or with third party automation tools.



Key features

  • multi-transmitters allowing local, regional or national target
  • support for multiple sales packaging: fix time, floating, random…
  • management of competing customers & sectors
  • various spot types: ads, sponsorships, promotions, fillers…
  • dedicated engine for daily imports from advertising agencies
  • optimized preparation of the daily schedules
  • automated algorithms for the filling of the breaks
  • full set of analysis & statistical reports
  • entirely customizable output formats

DigiPlan is a scalable solution designed for stand-alone stations with one or several transmitters, as well as large radio networks with multiple stations.