Analyze your audience

SoundID Audience, the audience data collection game changer!!

Measuring radio audio has always been a challenge, almost a myth… So many tried unsuccessfully to improve the data collection methods and the results accuracy.

Let’s be honest, the current audience measurement is far from being accurate even if measurament /statistics or survey institutes did their best with the technical capabilities offered to them.

First the current methodologies falling into one of these 2 categories: Manual (human) survey based and automated through watermarking.

Let’s look at first: Manual surveys. Some of you attended such live survey over the phone 25 minutes of questions … a nightmare both for the surveyor and the panel member. Low chance to have accurate results, at the end the panel member gives any type of answers to speed up the process and terminate the interview as soon as possible.

The second one based on the watermarking technology appears in the market these last months with mitigated results to the small panel size and the technical constraints. First the watermarking force a change into the live signal at the source to inject some recurring data to identify the channel listened. This technical step creates between the live and the broadcasted stream an average delay of 150 ms, clearly making the technical team unhappy to have to manage such situation impacting the chain of broadcast. Secondly, if the idea to ask the panel member to wear a decoder to avoid the manual queries is good, it involves a number of disadvantages: cost of the decoder, extra device to carry, to recharge,…. Finally, an expensive solution driving the data collection companies to limit the number of active devices to the minimum. As real example, 15 devices to cover a region with 230000 active listeners every day… can we really call that a representative panel?

So be ready to be amazed and surprized… we will share with you what will completely change the game forever !

SoundID Audience, our content recognition solution based on home-made complex algorithms is the result of 7 years of research and development and 2 extra years to finetune it to deliver the best result for the dynamic effective audience measurement.

Our advantages are numerous : first no change at all at the source, we simply listen to the live streams to generate the fingerprints, then our smartphone app will sample the ambient sounds of the panel user and fingerprint for each sample will locally generated (non reversible process fully protecting the private life and matching the GDPR requirements) before being uploaded to our central servers and locally erased. Upload fingerprints are then compared to the stream fingerprints to detect which stream the panel user was listening at that time.


To summarize, the panel member with the SoundID Audience installed on his smartphone, don’t change any habit, the microphone of his mobile is activated on a regular predefined interval (i.e. once per minute) for a predefined duration (i.e. 5 seconds but these parameters can be defined and updated by the panel manager).  No constraints, the mobile can even stay inside the pocket of the jacket, we can capture enough sound to recognize what they are listening to. For personal reasons, the user can temporarily disconnect from the panel, knowing that he will lose the reward from the panel owner for this period. In the fact the marginal cost of an extra panel member is very low allowing the panel owner to significantly increase the size of the panel to guarantee that the collected data is representing the effective audience distribution.

About the measurements, SoundID Audience can confirm at any time the amount of active panel members, the percentage of listeners for a monitored radio/tv, the percentage listening something else or nothing. These data are possibly available minute by minute without extra efforts, without dedicated device and with a surprized accuracy. To reach that no heavy investment: only SoundID Audience at your premises or in our Cloud and the mobile app installed on the panel member’s smartphone (today Android only, IOS to come).

Does it sounds good to your ears? Didn’t we promise something you ever seen and will look magic? Please contact us to start benefiting of the accuracy and the power of SoundID Audience. This technology is available as a stand-alone solution or as an optional module for the happy SoundID owners.